Would I buy Antler Chandelier?

You know that I spend like all day online. I just love to search a lot of things and sometimes I discover some interesting stuff. This happened today, when I just searched for home decorations and I discovered Antler Chandelier. What do you think about them? I was a little skeptical, but now I realized that I totally am  the type of girl that would add this in her house. It might seem different for some of your, but it is definitely different in a good way for me. 

So I started now to think how would I use this Antler Chandeliers. They are a special piece of art and we can't just add them in a random room. First of all, I think they are just perfect in the living room, but it has to be a living room where the furniture is full from wood. Stylish and old furniture, if it is possible. At least this is what I think. Also, we need to be sure when we pick one chandelier like these, because it is precious and we can't throw money down the drain. I totally love this Antique Country Antler that you can see below.

This chandelier is such an impressive one. If you will click the photo, you will see the item on the site. On savelights.com you will find more chandeliers so if your tastes are different you can search for another one. For example, the one below is more simple, but also very elegant. Click the photo for more details! 

I am really excited to know if you like these Antler Chandeliers! 

P.S. I have a $3 coupon for use if you use the code Savelights!