Let's choose some women glasses from jupitoo.com!

Hands up everyone who wear glasses! I wear them for about 1 year. I noticed that my eyes were red and tired in the evening so I went to the doctor to check. And I received glasses that I have to wear every day for my myopia and for my protection when working on PC.

Once you have your prescription from your doctor, you will can start looking for glasses. Now that I wear mine for over a year, I feel the need to change the look that I have every day. So I am interested in finding some new frames for me.

I just discovered the website https://jupitoo.com/ and I am so in love with some glasses that I will share with you down here.

First of all, it is really important to know how to measure pupillary distance so you can choose the perfect pair of glasses for you. Click the link bellow to follow the steps and calculate your own:

If you follow those steps it will become really easy to calculate your pupillary distance (PD). This will help you choose a pair of glasses that will fit perfectly for you face and will look amazing on your eyes.

Also it is very important to know how to pick your glasses considering your face shape. Now I know that my face is heart shape so I have some great frames on the jupitoo.com website. I used this link - https://jupitoo.com/blogs/news/how-to-pick-the-right-glasses-for-your-face-shape - to determine my face shape.

These are some glasses that I would love to wear:

I really love this website because the prices are cheap but the products are good quality. I have a plan to order 2 glasses and change them when I get bored. I think it is fun to change your glasses considering your outfit.

By the way, US buyer can track USPS here.

What do you think about the website jupitoo.com?
Do you wear glasses?