Simple dress for a special night

Next spring I will have to go to my friend's wedding. I am really excited about this. She is my friend since we were kids so that day will be perfect for both of us. It's amazing how fast we grow! I am sure that I will cry when I will see her in the wedding dress, but they are happy tears. So my biggest problem now is what dress should I wear? We, girls, know that it is really hard to find that perfect dress that suits us well and makes us feel comfortable. So that is why I started to search online for Simple Dresses so I can have time to pick one. And I have to say that the decision is really hard because I don't know even the color I want yet or the length. But I am pretty sure I will handle the situation in the end!

Searching online for Prom Dresses 2016, I just discovered a new website, very professional. Am am talking about It is amazing how many dresses are in this online shop! I spend hours checking them and my eyes are in love with all the designs and colors. So I attached you some photos to see amazing dresses from here, at low prices:

All of these dresses are amazing and I can't decide which one to pick! Please look at them with patience and help me make a choice! These Elegant Prom Dresses are perfect for a wedding too so I think I will feel amazing wearing one of them. I think the burgundy and the pink/nude are the best colors for me. A burgundy or a nude dress suits very well with my skin, my hair and my eyes.

What do you think about my choices? Which one of them is your favorite? I am really curious to find out if you would wear one of these dresses to a wedding. I hope that you can give me some advices and help me picking the one. And don't forget to smile, ladies: the smile is the best accessory!