It's prom time, baby!

When I talk about dresses I feel like a child talking about chocolate. Sweet and lovely subject! I am a little bit sad because the winter is almost here so it is hard to wear my beautiful short dresses. Luckily, it was such a beautiful autumn so wearing dresses with boots was really a great option. But today we will talk about elegant dresses, about the ones who make us look amazing to a big event. 

Even thought we go to a party, a wedding, a prom or maybe to a restaurant date, we need to have the perfect dress for our body. It is really important to look nice and feel good in your clothes (that's why I prefer to wear medium heels, because I don't want to look like a broken swan - but this is an other story!). First of all, we need to establish the length. Should it be long or short? Then the color. And here is so difficult! I usually prefer a black dress or maybe a white or a peachy one. It is essential to know what color looks good with your skin type and with your hair color. For example, I don't like how I look on a purple dress. Don't ask me why, it is just my choice. Maybe you look good with purple.

But where can we find a perfect cocktail dress? I usually order my dresses online. Today I want to share with you five amazing dresses that I found on I just fall in love with their website: you can find here prom, wedding or cocktail dresses at a very good price. Al these elegant dresses are perfect for you to look stunning in a important evening.

So I will just add the pictures here so you can choose the one that you love the most:

I am really curious to hear if you like one more than others! What do you think about these prom dresses? Don't hesitate to share your comments bellow. Kisses!