I want to cut my hair (P)

Hair is such a great accessory. I call my hair like an "accessory" because it complete so beautiful our everyday look. A great haircut, a great color and a perfect length really matter. So that's why I want to talk with you today about a simple way to have longer hair.

Well, as you can see, I actually have long hair. I have an "ombre hair" since a year maybe. But I have to admit that I just want something else right now. I want so bad to cut my hair shorter but I am so dam' scared about this idea. 

Why I want to cut my hair? First off, I am bored about my long hair. I have long hair, so what? I only keep it straight or curled or in a ponytail but... that't all. My hair is just too long for complicated hairstyles. Also, it is so hard to take care of a long hair! It takes me hours to put on shampoo, conditioner, masks, oils and all that stuff. 

So I want to ask you what haircuts do you recommend me. And maybe what color, I would love to try something new. It is a little chance that I would regret my decision, but I assume it. We have just one life, hair will grow soon! And if it is not growing fast I just discovered a solution on cchairextensions.com. That's a great site where you can find quality extensions. One of my biggest advantage for me is when the extensions are easy to put on. I founded that the micro loop hair extensions are such a great chance for the women scared that extension will break their natural hair. Don't worry anymore ladies, this extensions are gentle with our lovely hair!

So that's why I recommend you the 22 inch hair weave or 24 inch hair weave, it's your choice. But the longer the better! This one bellow looks so damn natural, don't you think? 

It is really great that you can color your extensions so you can have an uniform colour on your head. This sounds good to me so cchairextensions.com will be my rescue if I cut my hair and I regret it.

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