I want Blackout Curtains from Curtainsmarket!

I really love to decorate my home. Everytime I go for shopping I spend hours looking at beautiful accesories for my house. This spring me and my boyfriend want to paint our bedroom again. We will pick a light colour, because it makes our room more spacious. Also we will buy a new bed, a new carpet and new curtains.

Curtains are very important and they can change a lot a room's appearance. So that's why we are searching a lot on http://www.curtainsmarket.com/ for the curtains that will suits with our ideas. My boyfriend likes a lot Blackout Curtains so he wants to pick them from here. I choosed two pictures to show you, maybe you like them too. 

I would love the buy one of these blackout curtains. My boyfriend wants the first ones, but I would love the second. This curtains are made of polyester and they look amazing in this vertical sense. The design is very simple but also they make the room look very impressive. If you want to redecorate your room, changind the curtains is a great idea. The grey curtains make a perfect effect, but the one with dots pattern are so girlish! The qualitty is amazing and the shipping is perfect for us.

Which one is your favourite? I really like the second one. These blackout curtains are great! The qualitty is amazing and the price is perfect for us.