Tidebuy plus size wedding dresses for a special day

When I think about winter I think about a perfect white wedding dress. I know, it may seem crazy, but I always tought this. So winter is here, Christmas is very close and a lot of girls decided to make their weddings in this season. Wedding is the most beautiful event in your life so everybody have to be happy in that day. No matter if you are 20 or 40 years old, 50 or more kilograms, you have to enjoy the unique day.

There is no surprise, I am engaged since a month. Maybe next year it would be the wedding, but the ideea is that there is no hurry. I never wanted a big wedding or a huge dress so I found on Tidebuy perfect dresses. No matter if you need a plus size wedding dress, on Tidebuy you will find the perfect ONE, so just check here -> http://www.tidebuy.com/c/Plus-Size-Wedding-Dresses-3576/

I jost love this simple dress! This is a dress that I would totally wear in my special wedding day. 

What about a princess white wedding dress? It is a spectacular design and it looks awesome! I like so much the details and the shape.

I just love this Tidebuy plus size wedding dresses with sleeves! This is totally my type of dress. I love the design, the shape and the perfect white colour. I am in love with this wedding dress with sleeves and I would wear it to my special day. With a bouquet of cornflowers my wedding day would be perfect!

What do you think about this Tidebuy plus size wedding dresses? Witch one is you favourite?